Ph.D. Programme

Programme Head
prof. Antonio Nicolò

Deputy Head
prof.ssa Federica Ricceri

The Department offers a full-time, three-year advanced doctoral programme for students who want to achieve an outstanding training both in Economics and Management. Thanks to a well-established international research and teaching experience, over the years our students have been hired by prestigious organizations such as University of Exeter Business School, Tuck School of Business, University of Copenhagen, University of New South Wales, the OECD, the World Bank, University of Groningen, Bank of Italy, and several Italian Universities.

Structure of the PhD programme in Economics and Management

The programme takes place mainly in Padova although some courses are organized in collaboration with the University of Verona in order to form wider classes and to bring together expertise and excellence of both institutions. The PhD consists of two curricula based in Economics and Management Sciences.

For both selected research areas, the PhD teaching activity takes place during the first year and is divided into 3 terms. Two introductory optional courses covering necessary prerequisites in Mathematics and Statistics are offered before the beginning of the first term while by the end of the first year, towards September, students have to write a summer paper which has to be submitted to the Coordinator (and the vice-coordinator) of the PhD School. During the first year PhD students have furthermore to identify a supervisor and the topic of their thesis.

During the second and third year, students are supposed to work on their thesis: part of this period should be spent abroad. Over the years, our PhD students have spent visiting periods in outstanding universities such as, for example, London School of Economics, Penn University, University of Chicago, University of Toulouse e Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona. Moreover, PhD students can take advantage of the exchange agreements of the University of Padova and the Department of Economics and Management with international partners like the Boston University and the Michigan University. 

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The programme enables students to specialize in the field of Economics research, providing them with the knowledge and the skills required to work in research centers, international organizations and central banks.

During the first year of the PhD, students are required to attend mandatory courses in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Game theory and Econometrics and to select some advanced elective courses related to their research interests. Once the lessons are completed, students are supposed to write their research project. During the second and third years, primarily devoted to work on the research project, students are supposed to spend at least three months in an international research center or university of excellent scientific reputation.   

The main research fields of our Department are:

  • applied microeconomics
  • economics of aging
  • labor and health economics
  • political economy
  • social choice and mechanism design
  • monetary economics
  • banking
  • public economics
  • urban economics
  • energy and environmental economics


The Management curriculum intends to form international business economists able to contribute to the progress of scientific knowledge and to the advancement of managerial disciplines frontiers.

The first two terms are focused on providing PhD students with a strong base of qualitative and quantitative research methods and tools. At the same time, students will have the opportunity to broaden their theoretical knowledge in the fields of organizational theories, financial accounting and strategic management.

During the third term, students will be introduced to frontier research areas such as corporate governance, voluntary disclosure and capital markets, supply chain management, organization design, knowledge management, network analysis e innovation and technological alliances. 



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