Coronavirus: new safety measures at dSEA

The government is imposing new safety regulations to avoid spread of COVID-19.

Starting November 6 (included), we are moving to distance learning only, except for students enrolled in the first year of their degrees. 

The guidelines for the new measures are:  

1) All teaching activities will take place exclusively online for:
- 2nd year Bachelor's degree (TrEC).
- 2nd year Master's degrees (BA/EI/MED/MEF).  

2) Courses will keep following a blended delivery for: 
- 1st year Bachelor's degree (TrEC).
- 1st year Master’s degrees (BA/EI/MED/MEF).
Classes will be held on the same days and at the same times displayed so far in the OrariUniPD App and the AgendaWEB platform. 

3) For classes delivered online (and for those that will continue to be delivered in "blended" mode) the same recommendations made at the beginning of the academic year apply:
- All classes must take place EXCLUSIVELY on the days and slots provided in the course timetable. 
- The published timetables have been postponed by half an hour (i.e. 8:30-10:30 should be understood as 9:00-11:00).
- Classes must finish at least 15 minutes earlier (e.g., by 10:45am) to allow students to move easily from one class to another.

4) Any additional exam foreseen for Bachelor's and Master's degrees will be held online, as well as the winter exam session, only for 3rd year Bachelor’s degree (TrEC). 

5) Finally, students can still set up appointments with our services guaranteeing MAXIMUM RESPECT of safety measures in place.