Course Organisation

The MBM has a duration of 12 months for  the students who are not part of the EFCM program. Teaching takes place from September to March, followed by a period of compulsory internship lasting at least 4 months. Classes are held approximatively from Monday to Friday. There are days dedicated to group work and individual study. The Master ends with the elaboration and discussion of a Final Project Work (FPW), discussed around the end of September.

Mandatory attendance:   90 %

Our Learning Approach

We use a variety of methodologies and activities in order to reach our objectives such as lectures, seminars, case studies, business games, visits to companies, interviews, group project, report writing and discussions, soft skill labs, etc.

We adopt an interactive approach in the classroom where students are encouraged to take an active role during the lessons. All teaching material is made available to the student prior to the start of a module. This allows students to prepare themselves before the teaching of a module start. We believe that given the intensive nature of this master course it is absolutely vital that students can have access to the course material in advance so they can make the most of each module.
Our learning approach includes the group work modality. It is important that students learn to work as a team in this environment. They are often requested to produce high quality team projects within limited amount of time. They then have to present the project in a professional manner. These activities encourage the development of certain skills that we consider of high importance and very relevant for managerial figures:

  • Team work
  • Time management
  • Presentation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills

Our experience shows that for our graduates having acquired or developed these skills is enormously useful and a real plus when they come to face the job market environment.

Department of Economics and Management 'Marco Fanno'
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