Marketing Management & Customer Behavior

Course description
In this course theory and practice will go together. Students will be able to manage the theoretical tools and implement them, as in corporate practices. The main sections of the first part of the marketing Module are:

  • Marketing analysis
    • market
    • consumer
    • competitor
    • company commercial data (marketing report)
    • Marketing Research
    • Marketing Strategies

The second part of this course focuses on brand management strategies being implemented at Top Global Luxury and Fashion Brands to help increase their long-term Brand Equities.
Students will be exposed to how and when these brands, based on their specific mission, values and lifecycles, decide to implement and manage the strategic levers of Licensing, Brand Extension and Co-Branding in order to launch products into new categories (i.e. Beauty) to complement growth in their core business of Fashion, Jewelry, Leather Goods, Cars, etc.

Course objectives
The first goal of this course is to provide each student with the knowledge of the day by day job in Marketing Department of companies. Also for this reason there will be a lesson by business managers. Another goal of the course is to encourage the development of teamwork skills and to improve students' critical and strategic skills. Students will also learn to set up a marketing research starting from precise marketing objectives.
Finally, during the marketing of luxury week and through the analysis of top international luxury and fashion brands, students will learn how to determine Brand Equity levels necessary to compete profitably in the global marketplace.
In addition, students will understand the daily operations and seasonal calendar for Luxury and
Fashion brands, necessary to launch new products in new categories and effectively manage new partnerships. With a continued focus on progressive, international Social Media Strategies, students will work together in teams to formulate new concepts and creativity, thus providing solutions to current challenges in the Fashion and Luxury industries

Planned learning activities:

  • Tools for marketing plan
  • Marketing research techniques
  • Team working
  • Professional guest speakers

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