Operations Management

Course description

  • Introduction to Operations Management: understanding that most of the things you can see around you has been processed by an operation. The central role of operations in creating competitive advantage.
  • The strategic implications of operations: the key dimensions of operations and the top–down, bottom-up, resource and market requirements perspectives.
  • Process, product, and supply network design issues: make-or-buy, flow vs. batch and location decisions.
  • The nature of capacity planning and control: deciding what to do, where to do it, and what are the input needed. Monitor ongoing activities.
  • Inventory management: compensate for differences in timing between supply and demand of resources.
  • Supply chain management: provide the conceptual and operational tools to design and manage the vertical supplier relations
  • Lean production & Just in Time: an introduction to the lean philosophy of operations. 
  • Team Work: PEAS case study

Course objectives
Providing a 360° view on operations management, the course aims to provide the conceptual tools related to the design, planning, control and improvement of operations, including capacity planning and control, inventory and supply chain management, and lean production of both manufacturing and service operations.


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