Strategic Management of the Enterprise

Course description
This course is about managing a business enterprise in relationship to its industry and competitive environment. The focus is on how to create a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the industry and the general environment and by developing the core competencies that are needed to succeed in this environment. Topics include: strategic analysis, strategy formulation, and strategy implementation. Participants will learn how to develop a strategic vision; set goals and objectives; conduct competitive and company analysis; craft strategies at the functional, business, corporate, and international levels; and design the organizational structure; and operational policies and procedures to successfully implement the chosen strategy.

Required course materials
All the material for this course will be made available by the teacher. If you interested in having a book on strategy for reference, below is a recommended text book.

Course objectives:
The basic objective of this course is to study the strategic management process of a business enterprise. This course will provide students with opportunities to formulate strategic decisions and explore their outcomes under conditions of limited information and uncertainty. The course also has an integrative component that will require students to apply the knowledge acquired in other subject areas, especially, accounting and finance, marketing, management, organizational behavior and operations management. The course aims at making students learn the practical applications of theory, frameworks, techniques and methods of strategically managing an enterprise by making them analyze current situations of companies and industries about which articles have been published in recent issues of the fortune magazine.




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