FAQ & Information for incoming students

  1. Do I need an acceptance letter from the University of Padova before the departure? Only non EU citizens need an acceptance letter even if nominated through a bilateral agreement. Once you’ll submit all the documents required along with the application form, you’ll receive the application letter. For more information you may email international.economia@unipd.it.
  2. I have been nominated as Erasmus exchange student to your School, what should I do next? As soon as we’ll receive your nomination we’ll send to you through email all the useful information and deadlines you must meet before the departure. For more information please visit the Incoming Students page of our website.
  3. If my home university does not have a bilateral agreement with your School may I be admitted as a free mover student? You may join our School as a free mover and you’ll be allowed to attend courses and gain units through the Single course units program/option.
  4. Where should I go first once in Padova? Your buddy will take you first to the SASSA Service for all the registration procedures concerning our University and then you’ll be accompanied to meet us at the International Relations Office.
  5. What should I do if I need to make some changes to my learning agreement? First of all your changes should be approved by your home coordinator, then you may forward the new learning agreement for our Departmental Coordinator approval to international.economia@unipd.it.
  6. Is the attendance of lessons compulsory? Attendance is not compulsory but strongly recommended in order to better understrand the courses' content, improve your relationships, join other students creating a study and social network and arrive less stressed at the final exam. 

When you are here:

  1. I don’t pass an exam 
    Please contact your professor in order to make an appointment or visit him/her to understand why you haven’t passed the exam and how you can improve your knowledge
    (The Professor’s email is always: name.surname@unipd.it).
  2. I don’t know if I have joined the exam’s list (in Uniweb)
    Please contact your buddy or international tutor (international.tutor.unipd@gmail.com) to check the procedure with him/her.
  3. I cannot attend a class 
    If it is only for one class, it is not a problem. Stay in contact with one of your class colleagues to get the information you missed.
  4. I have to write an email to my professor (see an email example) 
     “Dear prof. Name Surname
      I’m an Erasmus student who is attending your class (for the first email), I’m writing you       about…..(bla bla bla bla )
      Thanks for you attention/
      Kind regards,
      Student Name and Surname + matricula number”
  5. I want to go back home or I don’t want to go back home 
    Please contact the International Office of Economics to make an appointment and discuss your decision or any problem about your stay in Padova.
  6. I want to change my learning agreement because I have some problems regarding the content, professor or with other students 
    Please discuss your problem with the professor involved before taking your final decision. If the professor agrees with your change or he can’t solve your problem you can change your LA and bring it to the International Office. But if you are still having learning problems, please contact us to make an appointment and give us the opportunity to help you.
  7. I cannot find lessons and exams timetables and the definitive schedule 
    Please, visit the following link http://gestionedidattica.unipd.it/PortaleStudenti/
    And also for lesson hall location http://www.economia.unipd.it/content/dipartimento/sedi-e-strutture/aule-....
  8. How can I get my final Transcript of Records? 
    In order to get your final Transcript of Records you must request it to the Student Office (Segreteria Studenti) in Lungargine Piovego - Portello door, filling the form you can download at this link.The official document will be sent to your home university in few weeks.

Department of Economics and Management "M. Fanno"
International Mobility Office

Via Ugo Bassi 1, 5th floor - 35131 Padova

Email: international.economia@unipd.it
tel.049 827 1428
tel.049 827 1232

Email: erasmus.economia@unipd.it
tel.049 827 1290