1st Padova Lausanne PhD Workshop in Economics

This workshop will be held in Padova, at the "Sala Seminari" (via del Santo 33) on 6-7 September 2022 and will give the opportunity to PhD students from Lausanne and Padova to present their work.

The workshop will be attended by faculty members from both institutions. It will include presentations and poster sessions, a keynote talk, and social events. The aim is to give the chance to PhD students to present their work in a vibrant but also friendly environment so that they can get valuable feedback.

The event is funded by the UNIL-UNIPD 2022 joint call for projects and the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padova.


  • Marco Bertoni (dSEA Unipd)
  • Jürgen Maurer (Lausanne)
  • Enrico Rettore (dSEA Unipd)
  • Orestis Troumpounis (dSEA Unipd)

The keynote talk “The only child” will be delivered by Professor Erik Plug (University of Amsterdam) on September 7.

Click here for the detailed programme