3rd Padua Meeting on Economic Design

The event will take place on 1-2 December 2023 at the Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno" of the University of Padua.

Department of Economics and Management, University of Padua
Seminar room, 1st floor
Via del Santo 33, Padua, Italy

Riccardo Domenico Saulle
Antonio Nicolò


Friday, 1 December 2023

13.45 - 14.00: Welcome Address. Prof.ssa Paola Valbonesi, Head of Department

14.00- 14.45: Ivan Balbuzanov (University of Melbourne)
“An Axiomatic Characterization of Draft Rules”

14.45 - 15.30: David Delacretaz (University of Manchester)
“Stability in Matching Markets with Sizes”

15.30-16.00: Coffee Break

16.00 - 16.45: Marek Pycia (University of Zurich)
“Information Choice: Cost over Content”

16.45 - 17.30: Antonio Miralles (University of Messina)
“Optimal bribing dynamics”

17.30-18.15 Battal Dogan (University of Bristol)
“When Geography Shapes Preferences and Priorities: Redesigning Teacher Assignment in Italy”

Saturday, 2 December 2023

9.00 – 9.45.: Ana Mauleon (UCLouvain)
“Destabilizing segregation in friendship networks with farsighted agents”

9.45 – 10.30: Julien Combe (Ecole Polytechnique)
“Market Design for Distributional Objectives in (Re)assignment: An Application to Improve the Distribution of Teachers in Schools”

10.30 – 11.00 Coffee Break

11.00 – 11.45 Salman Umutcan (ECARES ULB)
“Extremal Pareto Efficient and Individually Rational Allocations”

11.45-12.30 Pietro Salmaso (University of Naples)
“Dynamic One-Sided Matching”