Globalisation and Economic Policy (GEP)


The Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padova and the School of Economics of the University of Nottingham are pleased to announce the first edition of the Globalisation and Economic Policy International Workshop, to be held in Padova on 30-31 May 2022.  

The workshop will attract 12 world-renowned scholars to present research on international trade and trade policy, innovation, environmental issues, and international political economy.   

Roberto Bonfatti (University of Padova)
Giovanni Facchini (University of Nottingham)

Daniel Bernhofen (American University, Washington DC)
Esther Ann Bøler (Imperial College London)
Kerem Cosar (University of Virginia)
Alejandro Graziano (University of Nottingham)
Giammario Impullitti (University of Nottingham) 
Beata Javorcik (Oxford University)
Udo Kreickemeier (University of Goettingen)
Emanuel Ornelas (Sao Paulo School of Economics)
Andres Rodriguez-Clare (University of California – Berkeley) 
Cecilia Testa (University of Nottingham) 
Gerald Willman (Bielefeld University)
Ben Zissimos (University of Exeter)

People interested in attending the event are kindly requested to contact Roberto Bonfatti by May 23 via email at


Day 1 - 30 May

8.50 – 9.00am Welcome and Workshop Opening

9.00 – 9.40am Kerem Cosar (University of Virginia)
"Regional and Aggregate Implications of Transportation Costs" (with Sophie Osotimehin and Latchezar Popov)

9.40 – 10.20am Gerald Willman (Bielefeld University)
“The farsighted stability of global trade policy arrangements” (with Lasha Chochua and Stefan Berens)

10.20 – 11.00am Emanuel Ornelas (Sao Paulo School of Economics)
“The Costs and Benefits of Rules of Origin in Modern Free Trade Agreements”

11.00 – 11.30am Coffee

11.30am – 12.10pm Alejandro Graziano (University of Nottingham)
“Trade Disruption along the Global Supply Chain” (with Yuan Tian)

12.10 – 12.50pm Beata Javorcik (Oxford University)
“Creation and Diffusion of Knowledge in the Multinational Firm” (with Čagatay Bircan and Stefan Pauly)

12.50 - 1.50pm Lunch

1.50 – 2.30pm Ben Zissimos (University of Exeter) 
“Dictators under the weather” (with Kishore Gawande)

2.30 – 3.10pm Cecilia Testa (University of Nottingham)
“Pork, Infrastructure and Growth: Evidence from the Italian Railway Expansion” (with Roberto Bonfatti, Giovanni Facchini, Alex Tarasov and Gian Luca Tedeschi)

3.10 – 3.40pm Coffee 

3.40 – 4.20pm Giammario Impullitti (University of Nottingham)
“Globalization and market power” (with Fahad Kazmi)

4.20 – 5.00pm Daniel Bernhofen (American University, Washington DC)
“A resource savings formulation of the gains from trade”

7.00-8.00pm Pre-dinner drinks

8.00pm Workshop Dinner

Day 2 - 31 May

9.20 – 10.00am Emanuel Ornelas (University of Nottingham)
“Firm Export Responses to Tariff Hikes” (with Facundo Albornoz and Irene Brambilla)

10.00 – 10.40am Esther Ann Bøler (Imperial College London)
“Strapped for cash: the role of financial constraints for innovating firms” (joint with Andreas Moxnes and Karen Helene Ulltveit-Moe)

10.40 – 11.10am Coffee

11.10 – 11.50am Udo Kreickemeier (University of Goettingen)
“Offshoring and Job Polarisation Between Firms” (with Hartmut Egger, Christoph Moser, and Jens Wrona)

11.50am – 12.30pm Andres Rodriguez-Clare (University of California – Berkeley)
“The Carbon Footprint of Multinational Production” (with Ezequiel Garcia- Lembergman, Natalia Ramondo, and Joseph Shapiro)

12.30 – 1.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Close