Plan your studies – Study plan (“Piano di studio”)

"Fill out your study plan" meeting
Teaching office and Tutoring office, 14th Nov 2022
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Study plans are compulsory for all students.

In the Italian Higher Education System, your “study plan” is a detailed overview of activities to be completed in order to achieve your degree. You must fill in your study plan on Uniweb (on-line portal for students) after the enrolment respecting the corresponding deadline. 


Students fill in their study plan for the entire course of study during their first year. That way, they know exactly what exams they’ll have to take. 

Students can make amendments to their study plan (even several times), during specific periods within each academic year, until their degree application is submitted. 

Once the degree application has been submitted on Uniweb, the study plan can NOT be modified.

Students must click on the "Confirm plan" button when they have completed their study plan, otherwise all the work done will be lost and the plan will remain in "draft". A "draft" plan is a NOT submitted plan. We highly recommend students to print a copy of their study plan and to keep it as a memo.

Once the procedure has been completed, the selected courses will be automatically transferred to the “Libretto on-line” (online booklet); if a “booklet” icon appears next to a course title, it means that this course is included in your study plan.

  Timeline and Deadlines for the compilation of 2022/23 study plans

Study plans with "automatic approval" ("ad approvazione automatica") can be filled in at any time from 1 October 2022 – 15 September 2023:
- For Bachelor’s degree students, in their first, second, or third year as well as “fourth” year students (i.e.,“fuori corso” students, students who have not completed their degree in their “third” year and are entering an additional year). 
- For Master’s degree students, in their first or second year as well as “third” year students (i.e., “fuori corso” students, students who have not completed their degree in their “second” year and are entering an additional year). 

Study plans that require “approval” ("Proposto ad approvazione CCS”) can only be completed during the following time windows:

Bachelor’s degree in Economics (TrEC), 1st Year (enrolled in 2022/23) and 2nd Year (enrolled in 2021/22):
3 - 24 October 2022
6 - 20 March 2023
1 - 22 May 2023
3 - 17 July 2023

Bachelor’s degree in Economics (TrEC), 3rd Year (enrolled in 2020/21) and previous cohorts:
3 - 24 October 2022
16 - 30 January 2023
1 - 22 May 2023
3 - 17 July 2023

Master’s degree in Law and Economics (MED), 1st Year (enrolled in 2022/23), 2nd Year (enrolled in 2021/22) and previous cohorts:
3 - 24 October 2022
6 - 20 March 2023
3 - 17 July 2023

Students who have not completed their degree “on time” (i.e., “fuori corso” students), and can not access to the online procedure but need to modify their study plan should contact us at We can reactivate the updating of the study plan in Uniweb if necessary.
The study plan can be edited during the same time windows listed for last year students.

  Degree regulations

When filling out the study plan, each student should comply with all degree programme regulations applying during the academic year of their enrolment.

The “Degree programme regulations” (“Regulations”, “Annex 1” and “Annex 2” can be downloaded from the platform by selecting the course and the enrolment Academic Year (in the first section "Degree course details”).

On the platform you will find all details on each course offered by the University in the current academic year (including the Syllabus).

It is possible to extend the search to previous academic years.

  Electives (or free-access course units)

For all degrees offered by our department, students are required to obtain a specific number of CFU from electives courses (or free-access course units).

Electives must be included in the study plan of the academic year in which they are attended.

Usually, electives are chosen during the last year of the degree but they can be also anticipated in previous years. Students in the first and second year of the Bachelor’s degree, and in the first year of Master's degree courses, will therefore be able to choose electives they want to take in the current year, or skip using the "Next rule" button. The study plan can be confirmed in any case. 

Only for students in the last year of their degree, a choice of a specific number of electives is compulsory so that the relevant rules on CFU is satisfied. Only then you will be able to confirm and save you study plan.

All students who have not yet entered their electives during the first years of the course to re-enter the “study plan” compilation procedure during the last year of the course must make sure they complete their study. Otherwise the plan will remain incomplete and it they won’t be able to achieve their final degree. 

Electives can be selected from all the courses offered by the University during the current academic year, provided they meet the following requirements: 

i) Students of Bachelor’s degree can only choose electives offered by Bachelor’s degree courses. Students of Master’s degree (registered from 2017/18 onwards) can only choose electives offered by Master’s degree courses or single-cycle degree courses.

ii) The type of course (i.e., “Tipologia Attività Formativa TAF”) must be “A = Attività di Base” (Basic courses) , “B = Caratterizzante” (Core courses), or “C = Affine Integrative” (“Educational activities in elective or integrative disciplines”).

iii) the scientific disciplinary sector (SSD) must be defined (for example "SECS-P /07", "IUS / 12"), activities with no SSD are not accepted. 

iv) the mark must be expressed in the standard 0-30 scale (you cannot therefore choose “idoneità”, internships, or other practical activities)

v) the elective can not consist of a total or partial reiteration of contents already included in your career. 

Note that not all Departments allow students enrolled in other degree programs to include their courses in their study plan as "electives"; Uniweb automatically filters out all the non-selectable courses guaranteeing the student a correct choice. 

Visit the platform for more information on electives. 

Exams passed in foreign universities (e.g. Erasmus) can also be recognised as "electives", according to the credit recognition criteria decided by the “International Office”. Students will be able to include such electives in their study plan only when the exams taken abroad have been registered and appear on the online booklet.

  Study plan with "automatic approval" or "requiring approval”?

Students enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in Economics (TrEC) and in the Master’s degree in Law and Economics (MED) can choose between two different types of plan: the study plan with "automatic approval" or the “study plan with CCS approval”.

For all the other degrees, only study plans with "automatic approval" can be chosen.

Study plans with "automatic approval" ("ad approvazione automatica") are approved as soon as the student clicks on "Confirm plan". The selected courses are immediately transferred to the online booklet for exam registration.

Once a student confirms a study plan "requiring approval” ("Proposto ad approvazione CCS”), it requires approval by the Director of the degree. Once the plan is approved, its status changes to "Approved" and the chosen courses appear on the online booklet.  

For TrEC students:

In the study plan with “automatic approval”, during the 3rd year students must choose of one of the "paths" offered. The electives can only be selected among the courses of the 3rd year that have not already been chosen. 

If the student wants to follow one of the "paths" in the third year, but select electives belonging to other departments or carried out during their Erasmus, they must use the study plan "requiring approval” ("Proposto ad approvazione CCS”).

If the students want to choose their 3rd year courses independently, (i.e., without choosing one of the paths offered), it is possible using the study plan "requiring approval” ("Proposto ad approvazione CCS”), choosing the option “Piano libero”.

For MED (Master’s degree of Law and Economics) students:

In the study plan with “automatic approval” the electives can only be selected among the courses of the Master’s degrees of the Department of Economics and Management, that have not been already taken.

If the student wants to select Master’s degree courses belonging to other departments or carried out in Erasmus, they must use the study plan "requiring approval” ("Proposto ad approvazione CCS”).

  Choosing a path for BA (Business Administration) and MEF (Economics and Finance)

Students enrolled in the Master's degree in Business Administration and in the Master's degree in Economics and Finance must choose a path in Uniweb before filling in their study plan. 

If students want to select another path after completing their study plan, it will be mandatory to fill in a new study plan.

  Modify your study plan using a hard copy

Students who can not amend their study plan through Uniweb can write to

If the proposed changes are acceptable for further consideration, the student must submit a written request addressed to the Director of the degree, using this form.

The request must contain the complete and final version of the study plan and detail all changes wanted (e.g. in case of substitutions, indicate the teaching to be removed from the plan, specify if any exams are taken abroad, etc.).  

The request, dated and signed, must be accompanied by a printout of the study plan at its current state (you can get it using the “Print Plan” function in Uniweb).

Please scan a copy of your request and send it to After that it will be sent to the Director of your degree.