About Us

The Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno" is one of the youngest Departments in one of the most ancient European universities: the University of Padova, whose origin dates back to 1222. The Department was founded in 1990 and it soon became a leading center in the higher education of business and economic sciences.

Since 2012 the Department of Economics and Management has ranked among the best Economics and Management degree in Italy by the famous Italian Research Institute – Censis. The ranking has been based on several indicators measuring teaching quality and the likelihood of students finding excellent jobs.

Our Department is one of the 150 best departments in the world in Economics and Econometrics according to the QS World University Rankings, which internationally measures the quality of the university system.

The Department of Economics and Management has been awarded the “Departments of Excellence” seal and is confirmed as one of the 18 Italian departments of economics and statistics to receive funding for the five-year period 2023 – 2027. The “Departments of Excellence” seal was already awarded to our department in 2018 until 2022.

Message from the Head of the Department (HoD): the strategic plan

"One of my goals as Head of the Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno" (henceforth 'dSEA') is to set a three-year strategic plan to select new ideas, organise our growth, and focus activities during these challenging times for higher education.

The dSEA is the youngest Department in one of the oldest European universities, whose origins date to 1222. Our Department was founded in 1989 and soon became a leading center in higher education for business and economics.

The responsibility deriving from its heritage requires a determined effort in drafting an ambitious and feasible strategic plan which aims to:
- Combine socio-economic and environmental sustainability
- Reinforce national and international partnerships with other universities, companies, and public/private institutions
- Strengthen the department community (i.e. faculty and staff)
- Provide a stimulating academic environment for national and international students
- Improve scientific performance and international positioning
- Increase sources of funding for research and teaching
- Implement innovative teaching and research tools

This strategic plan reinforces our Department's continued pursuits. Nevertheless, competition with other business schools, reinforced by lower demand (demographic decline), and the overall objective to attain a leading position amongst the international Departments of Economics and Management, make these goals even more critical and essential".

Prof. Paola Valbonesi
Head of the Department