SMS extension in Padova


The theme of the workshop will be the role of innovation, entrepreneurship and invention network in the modern context. In particular, as an important stream of managerial literature on innovation has emphasized, the role of knowledge recombination as one of the most important sources of technological novelty.

Speakers: Deborah Strumsky (Arizona State University, US); Erkko Autio (Imperial College, London, UK); Michelle Gittelman (Rutgers Business School, US), Maureen Mc Kelvey (University of Gothenburg, Sweden).


Program Organizers: Fiorenza Belussi (University of Padova); Andrea Furlan (University of Padova); Silvia Rita Sedita (University of Padova). 

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES AND REQUIREMENTS: Proposals (long abstract); relating to the workshop theme are invited. Deadline for Submission of Proposals: April 30th, 2016. 


  • May 10, 2016: Submission deadline for proposal
  • May 15, 2016: Acceptance of the abstract
  • End of May, 2016: Submission deadline for full paper
  • June 8, 2016: Workshop on “Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Invention Network”
  • June 9, 2016: Extension of the SMS Special Conference Rome, held in Padova

The proposals should be sent at the following e-mail address: