Teaching Award 2019: Innovative Teaching Method

2019 was full of initiatives for the dSEA, in terms of research and education.

Among the events of this year's end, we are proud to announce that the Joint Commission of Teachers and Students of the School of Economics and Political Science awarded the prize for the best innovative teaching to Prof. Amedeo Pugliese, "for having integrated in an original and effective way the videos of the lesson 'Government and management of companies' for the Degree Course in Economics #TrEC, with other e-learning tools and with more traditional methods of involving students in the teaching activity".

Amedeo Pugliese has also created in collaboration with Anna Alexander a #MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses), 'Introduction to financial accounting', followed by 2005 students living in 132 countries around the world. 
The full appreciation of the students was confirmed by the student opinion questionnaire.

Congratulations to Prof. Pugliese! For the Department it is a sign of pride and an encouragement to go forward on this path.

Watch the video