Winter exam session

The winter exam session is taking place under conditions of increased virus circulation.
Therefore, strict behaviors are required when taking the in-person exams.

In particular, it is strongly recommended to:

  • always wear an FFP2 mask when entering a university building;
  • do not create crowds outside the exam venue while waiting for the exam to start. Classrooms are allocated with sufficient space to ensure adequate spacing. There is no need to rush to take your seat;
  • on entering the classroom, sanitize your hands, sit on the desks with adequate spacing, register on Easy Badge, and wear the FFP2 mask correctly throughout the exam.

It is possible that, based on justified reasons (organizational problems related to health conditions, positivity, or quarantine of the teacher), some calls will be transformed from in-person/online exams to online-only exams.

The students concerned will of course be informed of this change. However, it is recommended that students check their emails and the session calendar in the Web Agenda until the evening before the exam. The latter will be gradually updated.


The Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno" provides online examination sessions for students in isolation or quarantine, for international students coming from regions with mobility restrictions and for students with special medical condition.

A form is available for students to self-certify that they are unable to attend the exams in person: click here