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Cesare Dosi

Professore ordinario


Indirizzo: VIA DEL SANTO, 33 - PADOVA . . .

Telefono: 0498274034

Fax: 049 827 4221


Cesare Dosi (Napoli, 1960)
Laurea Economics summa cum laude, University of Venice-Ca' Foscari. Master in Economic and Social Studies, Univ. of Manchester
Professor of Public Economics (2002 - present)
Associate Dean (Teaching), Dept. of Economics and Management, Univ. of Padova
Dean (2003-2009), Faculty of Economics, Univ. of Padova
Director (2009-2016), Centro Interuniversitario sull'Economia Pubblica, Univ. of Padova, Venezia, Verona
University of Pavia, European Institute of Advanced Studies; Politecnico of Milan, Faculty of Architecture; Univ. of Minnesota, Dept. of Applied Economics; Michigan State University, Dept. of Agricultural Economics; University of Udine, Faculty of Economics and Banking; University of Padova: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Statistics, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry

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“Auctioning Monopoly Franchises: Award Criteria and Rollout Obligations.” Journal of Public Economic Theory, 15(1), 53-75, 2013 (with M. Moretto)
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“Market Failure and the Role of Markets and Privatization in Alleviating Water Scarcity.” International Journal of Public Administration, 26, 265-90, 2003 (with K.W. Easter)
“Global Warming and Financial Umbrellas.” Journal of Risk Finance, 4, 18-25, 2003 (with M. Moretto)
“Is Ecolabelling a Reliable Environmental Policy Measure?” Environmental and Resource Economics , 18, 113-127, 2000 (with M. Moretto).
“Pollution Accumulation and Firm Incentives to Accelerate Irreversible Technological Change Under Uncertain Private Benefits." Environmental and Resource Economics, 10, 285-300, 1997 (with M. Moretto)
"Interbasin Water Transfers Under Uncertainty: Storage Capacity and Optimal Guaranteed Deliveries." Environmental and Resource Economics, 4, 331-352, 1994 (with M. Moretto
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Nonpoint-source pollution regulation: issues and analysis (edited jointly with Theodore Tomasi. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1994.

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Environmental economics and policy
Public procurement
Public-private partneships (PPPs)

Il docente riceve solo su appuntamento tutti i giorni, salvo altri impegni didattici e accademici. Studenti e laureandi sono invitati a contattare preventivamente il docente via e-mail ( A seconda dei casi, il ricevimento avrà luogo nello studio del docente c/o il Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche e Aziendali (via del santo), oppure nello studio del docente in via Bassi n.1 (polo didattico Economia) al 5° piano.