Conferences and Workshops

The department hosts several workshops and conferences across different research fields.

These events serve different objectives: while some events are purely academic, others aim at transferring research expertise to the society, firms, and policy makers.

Below you can find a list of future and recent past events.

Future events 

ASSIOA Summer School 2021-Advanced topics in management and organization theory
6-9 September 2021

The course is centered on broad topics related to social evaluation, from categorization to status, stigma, boundary work, moral legitimacy and inequality in organizations. The material ranges from ‘recent classics’, to papers fresh from print, to unpublished empirical cases. Students will be asked to prepare in advance in order to present the main themes of the assigned literature and discuss empirical material with a hands on approach.

Learning objectives:
- Exposure to advanced and emerging themes (and their established roots) in the field of
management and organization
- Understanding the broad variety of methods (inductive, deductive and abductive) used in
the field in a complementary way
- Learning different abductive methods and Dos and Don'ts in abductive theorizing

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EALE, 33rd Annual Conference of the European Association of Labour Economists
16-18 September 2021 online 

Keynote speakers:
- The Adam Smith Lecture: Imran Rasul, University College London
- The Frisch - Tinbergen lecture: Maia Güell, University of Edinburgh
- The "Marco Fanno" special lecture (organized by our Department): Fabiano Schivardi, LUISS University, Rome

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Rethinking Clusters: Sustainable and Technological Transitions in a Network Society 
22-23 September 2021, virtually hosted by the University of Florence

Besides the typical themes of the conference, which also characterized the previous editions, this year the conference will focus on the technological and sustainable transitions that clusters, regions, and countries are facing and will have to face in the near future. These transitions change the nature of production and exchange and create new modalities to embark on inter-organizational and inter-personal relationships. The conference will discuss the ways in which these changes are occurring, and the consequences they are likely to have on different places and societies, in advanced, emerging, and developing economies.

Keynote speakers:
- Mercedes Delgado (Copenhagen Business School and MIT Innovation Initiative)
- Patrick Cohendet (HEC Montréal)
- André Torre (University Paris-Saclay, INRA, AgroParistech)

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Past events


Accounting Summer Camp 2021 
6-9/7/2021 on Zoom
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AISRe Summer School 2021 "The sources of regional productivity: agglomeration, institutions and technology"
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PhD Summer School in Applied Microeconomics 
6-9/7/2021 virtual event: 
-The keynote speaker: Prof. Sir Christopher Pissarides, Nobel Prize in Economics 2010, more info here.
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Padova Macro Talks 
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10th General AMaMeF Conference 
22-23-24-25 June 2021
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II Padova Applied Economics Workshop
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La presenza di organizzazioni criminali nell'attività economica
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E-commerce: strategie e modelli di successo
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Digitalizzazione e PMI: strategie di successo per superare la crisi
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Il lavoro che ci (a)spetta
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ASSET 2020 (Association of Southern European Economic Theorists)
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Ricapitalizzare le PMI: un ingrediente essenziale del Recovery plan italiano
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Rethinking clusters: place-based initiatives for inclusive, innovative and reflective societies
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Il valore del volontariato
From 3/12/2020 until 28/01/2021
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Creating Value Through Manufacturing: Exploiting Industry 4.0 in a Circular Economy Framework
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Contrastare il cambiamento climatico? Innovazione, apprendimento e collaborazione nelle politiche per il clima dell’Unione Europea
Convegno conclusivo BIRD165757 – 2017/2018
More info here

Traiettorie del declino economico italiano
Debito, finanza pubblica, produttività e imprese
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Padova Applied Economics Workshop “Economics of Education, Retirement and the Household"
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Rethinking clusters: the local and global scale of sustainability transitions - 2nd International worshop
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L'acqua, bene prezioso. Governance, investimenti, efficienza, ambiente, equità
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3rd Accounting Summer Camp
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1st Padua Workshop on “Economic Design and Institutions”           
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Padova Macro Talks    
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2nd Padua Workshop on “Economic Design and Institutions”          
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Tavola rotonda: Localizzare la globalizzazione: una nuova stagione per le piccole imprese            
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Imprenditorialità e imprese resilienti nella Città Metropolinata di Milano   
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Evento Fornero "Italia: ieri, oggi, domani"     
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Sviluppo economico e contrasto alla criminalità organizzata: ruolo e responsabilità delle istituzioni territoriali
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30 anni dSEA   
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Economia circolare & innovazione: le opportunità del re-impiego di rifiuti industriali
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Workshop on Accounting & Accountability Mechanism       


Esiste ancora l'azienda?
L'Economia aziendale tra finanza, mercati e istituzioni
Seminario Scientifico in Onore del Professor Francesco Favotto
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Experimental governance architectures for climate change in the European Union. Ambitions, challenges and pitfalls
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Workshop BOMOPAV 2018
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International Workshop on Competition, Regulation and Procurement      
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IOT, Industria 4.0, servizi avanzati e modelli di business: il caso Illy - Bluewind
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Accounting Summer Camp 2018 – II Edition  
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19th European Conference on Knowledge Management ECKM       
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XXX Conferenza della Società Italiana di Economia Pubblica (SIEP)  
From 19-21/09/2018
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Between theory and policy: the development of modern economics          
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