Personale docente

Marco Bertoni

Professore associato


Indirizzo: VIA DEL SANTO, 33 - PADOVA . . .

Telefono: 0498274002


  • Il Martedi' dalle 11:30 alle 12:30
    presso Studio Docente - via del Santo 33 2° Piano
    Il ricevimento va sempre concordato con il docente via email almeno il giorno prima.

Una copia del cv (in inglese) è scaricabile in questa pagina.

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Publications of the last three years

1. Training during recessions: European Evidence. Joint with Giorgio Brunello. Just accepted at IZA Journal of Labor Policy.
2. The Long-Term Consequences of a Golden Nest: Socioeconomic Status in Childhood and the Age at Leaving Home. Joint with Viola Angelini and Guglielmo Weber. Demography, 2022,
3. How did European retirees respond to the COVID-19 pandemic? Joint with Martina Celidoni, Chiara Dal Bianco and Guglielmo Weber. Economics Letters, 2021, 203, 109853. doi:
4. Where do I stand? Assessing Researchers' Beliefs about Their Relative Productivity. Joint with Giorgio Brunello, Daniele Checchi and Lorenzo Rocco. Journal of Economic Behaviour and Organization, 185(2021), 61-80.
5. The Influence of Hidden Researcher Decisions in Applied Microeconomics. Joint with Nick Huntington-Klein and many others. Economic Inquiry, 2021, 59(3), 944-960. Awarded the Economic Inquiry “Best paper award” for 2021. doi:
6. External Monitors and Score Manipulation in Italian Schools: Symptomatic Treatment or Cure? Joint with Giorgio Brunello, Maria De Paola and Marco Alberto De Benedetto. Economics Letters, 2021, 201, 109742-
7. Cancer screening invitations in the developing world. Joint with Armenak Antinyan and Luca Corazzini. Social Science and Medicine, 2021, 273, 113739.
8. Does Delayed Retirement Affect Youth Employment? Evidence from Italian Provinces. Joint with Giorgio Brunello. Economic Policy, 2021, 35(106), 325-372,
9. School Choice During a Period of Radical School Reform. Evidence from the Academies Programme. Joint with Stephen Gibbons and Olmo Silva. Economic Policy, 2020, 35(104), 739-795,
10. Who Benefits from Privileged Peers? Evidence from Siblings in Schools. Joint with Giorgio Brunello and Lorenzo Cappellari. Journal of Applied Econometrics, 2020, 35(7), 893-916.
11. The Good Outcomes of Bad News. A Randomized Field Experiment on Formatting Breast Cancer Screening Invitations. Joint with Luca Corazzini and Silvana Robone. American Journal of Health Economics, 2020, 6(3), 372-409.

Microeconometria applicata
Economia del lavoro
Economia della salute
Economia dell'istruzione

Sono felice di supervisionare studenti nella redazione di tesi empiriche nei seguenti ambiti di ricerca:
- Economia del lavoro
- Economia della salute
- Economia dell'istruzione