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Diego Campagnolo

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Diego Campagnolo is associate professor of Business Organization at the Department of Economics and Management of the University of Padova. He has completed his PhD in Economics and Management at the same Department in 2006. He has been visiting at the Fisher College of Business of the Ohio State University (2020, 2015, 2009), at the Guangzhou University (2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013) and at the School of Management of the Boston University (2004). He graduated in business economics at the University of Padova in 2002 (summa cum laude).

He is Fellow of the National Center for the Middle Market at Fisher College of Business, The Ohio State University and Affiliate ICRIOS – Invernizzi Center for Research on Innovation, Organization, Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Bocconi University.

He teaches Organizational Development and Behavior (Master program in Business Administration), Business Organization (Undergraduate program in Economics) and Intercultural Management in the International Summer Program in Management in China in partnership with the University of Guangzhou (China), and Organizational Design at the PhD School of the Department of Economics and Management. He has taught Business Organization at Bocconi University (where he has been adjunct professor at the Department of Management) and at Ca’ Foscari University.

He is member of the Board of the PhD School in Economics and Management, member of the seminar committee and associated delegate for Stage & Placement of the Department of Economics and Management "M. Fanno" of the University of Padova.

His research interests include three specific areas: the evolution of production systems and the emerging organizational forms, the strategy of growth of the SMEs and the management of knowledge intensive business firms (KIBS). His research has been published in international journals(International Journal of Management Reviews, Industry & Innovation, The IMP Journal, Academy of Management Proceedings) and national journals (Economia & Management, Microimpresa, Sviluppo & Organizzazione, Prospettive in Organizzazione, Ticonzero) and in books published by international (Edward Elgar, Palgrave, Springer) and national publishers (Bruno Mondadori, Carocci, Franco Angeli, McGraw-Hill,) and has been presented in national and international conferences and seminars.

He is/has been member of the Academy of Management (AOM), the European Academy of Management (EURAM), the Strategic Management Society (SMS), the Academy of International Business (AIB). He serves as reviewer for international conferences and national and international journals (Research Policy, Industry & Innovation, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, The IMP Journal, The Service Industries Journal, Global Strategy Journal, Journal of Product Innovation Management, European Management Review)

He has been member of the Advisory Board of GE Capital for the research project on the Mid-Market companies of Italy, UK, Germany and France (2012-2016).

He has been principal investigator (2017-20199 for Italy of the research project "Business resilience among disadvantaged groups: A European Study”, sponsored by JP Morgan Chase Foundation and involving at the European level the follwing partners: Warwick Business School, Aston Business School, IE University, IfM Bonn, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis, University of Padova – DSEA

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My research interests include the study of organizational design and business model evolution (specifically in domestic and foreign domains), organizational modularity and the study of innovation in knowledge intensive business services.