Personale docente

Giulio Cainelli

Professore ordinario


Indirizzo: VIA DEL SANTO, 33 - PADOVA . . .

Telefono: 0498274227


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Place and Date of Birth

Zurich (Switzerland), October 24, 1959


1989: Master of Arts (M.A.) in Economic and Social Studies (by Course and Dissertation), University of Manchester: Dissertation in Applied Microeconometrics: Analysis of Italian Household Budget Data Using Consistent Demographic Demand Equations, (Prof. Rajan Ray);
1984: Laurea summa cum laude in Economics, University of Bologna: Dissertation in Economic Analysis: Structural Change and Transition between Techniques (Prof. S. Baldone);

Current Position

2009-present: Professor in Economics, Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno", University of Padova;
2012-present: Vice-Director, Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno”, University of Padova;
2012-present: editorial board: Scienze Regionali. Italian Journal of Regional Science.
2016-present: editorial board: Papers in Regional Science
Academic impact (october 2013):
Harzing’s Publish or Perish database: number of citations 2000, h-index =22

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"Local Variety and Firm Diversification. An Evolutionary Economic Geography Perspective", (with D. Iacobucci), JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY, 2016.

“Does the Development of Environmental Innovation Require Different Resources? Evidence from Spanish Manufacturing Firms”, (with V. De Marchi and R. Grandinetti), JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, 2015.

“Do Geographic Concentration and Vertically-Related Variety Foster Firm Productivity? Micro-Evidence from Italy”, (with D. Iacobucci and R. Ganau), GROWTH AND CHANGE, 2015.

“Linking Emission Trading to Environmental Innovation: Evidence from the Italian Manufacturing Industry”, (with S. Borghesi and M. Mazzanti), RESEARCH POLICY, 2015.

“Banks, Related Variety and Firms’ Investments”, (with R. Antonietti, M. Ferrari and S. Tomasini), LETTERS IN SPATIAL AND RESOURCE SCIENCES, 2015.

“Vertical Integration, Organizational Governance, and Firm Performance. Evidence from Italian Business Groups”, (with D. Iacobucci), MANAGERIAL AND DECISION ECONOMICS, 2015.

“Spatial Agglomeration and Productivity in Italy. A Panel Smooth Transition Regression Approach”, (with A. Fracasso and G. Vittucci Marzetti), PAPERS IN REGIONAL SCIENCE, 2015.

“The Strenght of Strong Ties: How co-authorship Affect Productivity of Academic Economists”, (with T. de Felice, M. Maggioni and R. Uberti), SCIENTOMETRICS, 102, 673-699, 2015.

“Adoption of Waste-Reducing Technology in Manufacturing. Regional Factors and Policy Issues”, (with A. D’Amato and M. Mazzanti), RESOURCE AND ENERGY ECONOMICS, 39, 53-67, 2015.

“Firm Exit and Spatial Agglomeration”, (with S. Montresor and G. Vittucci Marzetti), SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS, 43, 213-228, 2014.

“An Explanation of Firms’ Internationalization Modes Blending Firm Heterogeneity and Spatial Agglomeration. Micro-Evidence From Italy”, (with E. Di Maria and R. Ganau), ENVIRONMENTAL AND PLANNING A, 46(4), 943-962 2014.

“Environmental Innovations in Services. Manufacturing-Services Integration and Policy Transmissions”, (with M. Mazzanti), RESEARCH POLICY, 42, 9, 1595-1604, 2013.

“Environmental Performances, Manufacturing Sectors and Firms’ Growth.
Empirical Evidence on Structural and Dynamic Relationships”, (with M. Mazzanti and R. Zoboli), ENVIRONMENTAL ECONOMICS AND POLICY STUDIES, 15, 367-387, 2013.

“Vertical Disintegration and Spatial Co-Localization: the Case of KIBS in the Metropolitan Region of Milan”, (with R. Antonietti and C. Lupi), ECONOMICS LETTERS, 118, 360-363, 2013.

“European Emission Trading Scheme and Environmental Innovation: an Empirical Analysis Using CIS Data for Italy”, (with S. Borghesi and M. Mazzanti), GIORNALE DEGLI ECONOMISTI E ANNALI DI ECONOMIA, 71, 1, 71-97, 2012.

“Environmental Innovations in Manufacturing: the Role of Local Networks and Internationalization”, (with M. Mazzanti and S. Montresor), INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION, 19, 8, 1-38, 2012 [Winner of the Industry and Innovation Award for the Best Paper 2013-2014].

“Production and Financial Linkages in Inter-Firm Networks: Structural Variety, Risk-Sharing and Resilience”, (with S. Montresor and G. Vittucci Marzetti), JOURNAL OF EVOLUTIONARY ECONOMICS, 22, 4, 711-734, 2012.

“Agglomeration, Related Variety and Vertical Integration”, (with D. Iacobucci), ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY, 88, 3, 255-277, 2012.

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Economic Geography; Economics of Small Business; International Economics; Economics of Innovation and Science; Applied Microeconometrics.

Laurea Magistrale in Economia Internazionale:

- economie di agglomerazione e strategie di internazionalizzazione delle imprese;
- effetti degli IDE sul paese di origine;
- regolamentazione ambientale e multinazionali;
- criminalità e decisioni di localizzazione delle multinazionali;
- tassazione d'impresa e prezzi di trasferimento;
- internazionalizzazione e distretti industriali.

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