Orientation Service

Precautionary measures COVID-19 VIRUS

In compliance with the latest measures adopted in order to prevent and control
the spreading of the COVID-19 VIRUS,
the  Orientation Service suspends the physical presence at office.

The service ensures you its support.
You can contact the Staff
 only by e-mail: admission.economia@unipd.it

The Orientation Service is open to anyone, especially students and their relatives, who are interested in information concerning the educational offer of the Department of Economics and Management. The principal activity of our service is to give information and  help students in decison making process to optimize their potential. The Service also collaborates with the University of Padua in organizing orientation activities and events.

If you need help in choosing a degree program or to find your study path, contact us to fix an appointment with our staff:

Dr. Linda Giacobelli 

Dr. Melania Rocca 


Delegate professor of the Orientation Service: Prof. Martina Gianecchini 

Department of Economics and Management "Marco Fanno"
Orientation Service
Via Ugo Bassi 1 - 35131 Padova
phone: + 39 049 827 1226
e-mail: admission.economia@unipd.it