Tutoring Service

The Tutoring Service is aimed at all students enrolled in a program at the Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno".

The goals of the Tutoring Service are:

  • to help students develop an autonomous and conscientious study program.
  • to offer tools to improve work organization, helping students to maximize their output, by optimizing the use of time when studying /preparing for exams.
  • to give students a chance to discuss their problems, dealing with situations of uneasiness or distress that may affect the student’s academic results and, most importantly, his quality of life
  • to suggest interventions to improve studying abilities, foster motivation and greater control over study-related anxieties.

Tutors are graduate students whose role is to assist and channel those who are having their first experiences within the university, but also to support and help those who are completing their studies at the Department of Economics and Management “Marco Fanno”.

The Tutors' goals are:

  • to help students solve eventual issues related to their academic career
  • to arrange and hold study groups on subjects that cause particular problems to the students
  • to organize valuable extra-curricular activities for the students
  • to listen and evaluate suggestions and complains coming from students
  • to set up meetings and events to help students acknowledge the labor-market demand

For the academic year 2023/24, the role of Tutor Junior is held by the graduate students: Cristian Angelini, Giulia Carpanese, Marco Cisolla, Maria Vittoria Martinolli, Gianluca Passoni, Lorenzo Cavallin, Markeljan Blacëri, Behnam Fahimi, Aknur Khairzhanova, Mazdak Shaverdi, Calvin Adriel Sulistio, Almas Zhussipali.

For any information or doubts, Tutors can be contacted at tutor.economia@unipd.it.

Tutor Desk

Starting Thursday, 9 November 2023, we are excited to announce the inauguration of the Tutor Desk!
Our dSEA Tutors will be on hand in-person to provide valuable support to our Degree Seekers.
The Tutor Desk opening hours: every Monday from 10 am to 12 pm.
Location: 2nd Floor, via Bassi 1
No prior booking is needed, so feel free to drop by and receive the help you need.


Master’s thesis guidelines

On Friday 23 February 2024, at 3.00 PM, an online meeting will be dedicated to Master’s thesis guidelines, for students enrolled in second year of Master's degree courses.
During this meeting we will provide you with information about the final dissertation, e.g. how to write your thesis, submission deadlines and evaluation criteria.

The recording of the meeting and slides are available on the Moodle page of tutoring service.

How to fill out your Study Plan

On Monday 14 November 2023, at 12.30 PM, an online meeting will be dedicated to how to fill out the study plan, for students enrolled in Master's degree courses.

The recording of the meeting and slides are available on the Moodle page of tutoring service.

If you need to access the tutoring service, contact us at: orientamento.economia@unipd.it

Phone: +39 049 827 1226 / 1271 

You can also book an online appointment here


Professor Martina Gianecchini - Associate Dean

Professor Alberto Alvisi - Associate Dean

Professor Alessandra Tognazzo - Associate Dean

Linda Giacobelli

Margherita Pirani