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Evolving IDs within Global and Regional VCs, and the role of manufacturing and innovation capabilities

Emeroteca, via del Santo 22, Padova - 10:00-18:00 pm


Starting from the proposition that global production systems can be conceived as constituted by clusters, or regional production systems, the question remains open how the global dimension is compatible with sub regional contexts for value creation. Against this background and by the mean of a multilevel approach, this international workshop focuses on determinants of cross-cluster and within-cluster heterogeneity in participating to GVC, and how manufacturing and innovation can play a key role for local development in the context of developed countries.

Valentina De Marchi (University of Padova)
Gary Gereffi (Duke University)

Scientific committee:
Valentina De Marchi (University of Padova)
Eleonora Di Maria (University of Padova)
Gary Gereffi (Duke University)
Roberto Grandinetti (University of Padova)

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