Meet Your Future 2017: the second edition

via Ugo Bassi 1, Padova


Are you enrolled in a graduate course of the Department of Economics and Management? Join the second edition of Meet Your Future and:

> Listen to Alumni career experiences
> Learn how to improve your CV and your interview skills
> Let the firms know you.

The event is organized in collaboration with Associazione Alumni dell'Università di Padova.

Online registration is compulsory.
Deadline for registrations: 25th October 2017

To take part of the workshop on CV writing and of the speed job interviews please send your CV to:




Welcome and introduction - Room 12

Prof. Giulio Cainelli, Head of the Department of Economics and Management
Prof. Andrea Vinelli, Head of Alumni Association
Stefano Carosio, Managing Director of Unismart

Prof. Diego Campagnolo, Deputy Head of Stage and Placement Service
Prof.ssa Martina Gianecchini, Deputy Head of Tutoring Service


Parallel sessions

Alumni round table dialogue on Lifestyle - Room 14

Nicola Cenedese,Strategic Planner in Technogym
Claudio Crespan, CFO Amministrazione Finanza e Controllo in Diadora
Francesca Previati,Global Brand Manager in Safilo

Alumni round table dialogue on Banking and Finance - Room 12

Carlo Beatrice, Risk Manager presso Centromarca Banca
Alessandro Dal Corso, Market and Counterparty Risk Analyst
Francis De Zanche, SocioAdacta Studio Associato
Enrico Pizzolato, Finanza straordinaria per PMI

Plenary session

Alumni round table dialogue on Tech and Digital - Room 12

Piergiorgio Dalan
, Industrial FP&A Manager in Pixartprinting spa
Francesco Inguscio, CEO & Rainmaker in Nuvolab
Gabriele Marchetto, Business and Export Manager in Sweden & Martina
Alice Munari, Digital senior Project Manager in Vodafone Italia

Workshop on CV writing and job interviews - Rooms 12 and 14
presented by Monica Amoruso and prof. Hilary Creek

Firms presentation and speed job interviews:

Adacta Advisory SPA
Auxiell SRL
Financial Innovations SRL
Intesa Sanpaolo
Lago SPA
LVMH Group spa
Moncler SPA
Noonic SRL
Safilo Group SPA
Sit Group SPA
Technogym SPA 
Unox SPA