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  Gianluca Spina Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation, Year 2019

Special Mention: Valentina De Marchi

The Italian Association of Engineering Management (AiIG) and the Gianluca Spina Association have awarded Valentina De Marchi, associate professor at dSEA, a special mention for the project presented at the last edition of the Gianluca Spina Award for Teaching Excellence and Innovation.

For dSEA, this is an important recognition that underlines its dedication to Active Learning & Teaching..

The special mention rewarded the quality of Active Learning & Teaching inspired by the Teaching4Learning pathway developed by the University of Padova and, in particular, the student-centred and research-based teaching techniques applied to the teaching project carried out within the Operations Management course of the Bachelor's degree in Economics (Management curriculum).


  Teaching Award a.y. 2018/2019

Teaching Award 2018/2019: Amedeo Pugliese receives the Prize for the best innovative teaching

The Joint Commission of Teachers and Students of the School of Economics and Political Science of the University of Padova has awarded the Prize for Best Innovative Teaching to Amedeo Pugliese.

The Commission awarded the Prize with the following motivation:

"During the 'Government and Management of Companies' course of the Bachelor's degree in Economics, Amedeo Pugliese has integrated in an original and effective way the videos of the lesson with other e-learning tools and with more traditional methodologies of involving students in the teaching activity. Amedeo Pugliese has also created, in collaboration with Anna Alexander, a MOOC on 'Introduction to Financial Accounting', which was very successful in terms of international participation. The students' full appreciation of the course is confirmed by the high rating obtained in the student opinion questionnaire.

> Video presentation by Amedeo Pugliese

  Teaching Award a.y. 2019/2020

Teaching Award 2019/2020: Donata Favaro wins the prize for the best innovative teaching method

The 2019/2020 Teaching Award has been given to Donata Favaro, associate professor at dSEA and lecturer in 'International Economics' on the Bachelor's degree in Economics.

The Teaching Award has been assigned to Donata Favaro by the Joint Commission of Teachers and Students of the School of Economics and Political Science of the University of Padova for the best innovative teaching.

She was particularly appreciated by the students for her ability to "simultaneously integrate different teaching tools, providing dynamic and effective teaching action. Her teaching method, capable of highlighting the argumentative unity of the proposed path through precise references, resumptions and summaries, was greatly appreciated by the students".

"I am very happy to receive this award,' says Donata Favaro enthusiastically, 'which is an award that comes from the students. And I dedicate it to them, because without their contribution and participation, the course would not have had the same outcome. I am grateful to the the President of the School of Economics and Political Science, Arrigo Opocher, and to the School's Joint Committee for warding me this prize".


  Meet&Share: virtual classrooms for TrEC students

With the implementation of social distancing measures, opportunities to meet and share university life have been reduced.

In order to overcome this critical situation, the Department has proposed the Meet & Share initiative to the 1st and 2nd year students of the Bachelor's degree in Economics (TrEC), a virtual space designed to encourage relationships and informal meetings between students.  

Those virtual classrooms were 'open' from 28 May to 18 June 2020 and were lasting 2 hours.

The calendar of the virtual classrooms was available on the Moodle platform - Student Services Area (Career Coaching and Orientation Services).

  What's up? Online teaching from the students' point of view

How do dSEA students experience online learning? What are the difficulties, but also the strengths and good solutions in this period of distance learning?

Two meetings intended for our Bachelor's degree and Master's degrees students.

A moment of discussion, led by our moderators, dedicated to those who experience distance learning first-hand, but also an opportunity to gather indications and suggestions for improvement.

The meetings were held on Zoom.