Curriculum in Economics

The programme enables students to specialize in the field of Economics research, providing them with the knowledge and the skills required to work in research centers, international organizations and central banks.

During the first year of the PhD, students are required to attend mandatory courses in MacroeconomicsMicroeconomics, Game theory and Econometrics and to select some advanced elective courses related to their research interests. Once the lessons are completed, students are supposed to write their research project. During the second and third years, primarily devoted to work on the research project, students are supposed to spend at least three months in an international research center or university of excellent scientific reputation.   

The main research fields of our Department are:

  • applied microeconomics
  • economics of aging
  • labor and health economics
  • political economy
  • social choice and mechanism design
  • monetary economics
  • banking
  • public economics
  • urban economics
  • energy and environmental economics