FAQ - Master's degree in Business Administration

If you have a foreign degree

  1. When can I apply for the Master’s degree in Business Administration?

Check next calls for application at the following page: https://www.unipd.it/en/english-degrees 

  2. Where can I apply for the Master’s degree Business Administration?

You can apply online through the following portal: https://apply.unipd.it/ 

To log in you need to create an account at: https://apply.unipd.it/applicant/register

  4. Do I need to take the admission test to apply for the Master’s degree in Business Administration?

For foreign degree holders the admission test is not required. 

Please check the entry requirements in the dedicated pages of the https://apply.unipd.it/ portal. 

  5. What documents do I need to apply the Master’s degree in Business Administration?

Check the list of requested documents at the following link: https://apply.unipd.it/news/new/13-which-documents-required-your-application and write to international.admission@unipd.it for further information. 

  6. Are there any scholarships or fee waivers available?

You can find all details about scholarships and fee waivers at the following link: https://www.unipd.it/en/funding-and-fees 

  8. Do I need an English certification?

A B2 Level (CEFR) or equivalent certificate is mandatory.

For recognised international English language certificates, please refer to page 1 of the following document: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1WMC1OBxwORCYH1f5qBS2A_RRS9e13OUt/view 

Additional certificates not listed above might be accepted at the discretion of the Committee.

PLEASE NOTE: Applicants supplying proof that their Bachelor (or equivalent) degree was entirely taught in English will not need to provide any evidence (certificate) of English language knowledge.

If you have an italian degree