The Innovative Education Project at DSEA

The Department of Economics and Management (dSEA) of the University of Padova promotes initiatives to improve teaching with a view to innovation and continuous improvement.

The Department's Active Teaching & Learning programme is the result of a wider project initiated by the University of Padova: the Teaching4Learning @Unipd (T4L) project.

Through the T4L project, some of the dSEA professors participated in a training course on teaching skills and e-learning, activated by the University and the Department. This experience has enabled them to create a Faculty Learning Community to share teaching methods and good practices.

In recent years, the Department has promoted and implemented training initiatives for both teachers, inspired by the principles of flexibility, attention to diversity, promotion and community development, such as:

  • the central role of students in the learning process (Active Learning) ;
  • the emphasis on the development of transversal competences, enabling students to face the complex challenges of the coming years;
  • the sharing of responsibilities between all actors involved in educational innovation;
  • the development of communities supporting innovation among professors, students and administrative staff;
  • partnerships and global cooperation;
  • flexibility in building pedagogical practices that take into account the new learning needs of students.

In addition, it has developed many initiatives for students. You can see them on the 'Activities and Initiatives for students' page.