Course overview

The Master's degree in Accounting, Finance and Business Consulting (MAFiB) trains the next generation of Accountants, Controllers, Financial Analysts and Bankers and lays the foundation for a career of success in finance and accounting, both in industrial firms and in financial institutions.

The MAFiB combines cutting-edge research in accounting, business law and finance with rigorous methodological training.

The centrality in the collection, management and analysis of firms’ data and information is linked - in all curricula - to the appropriate methods of analysis and interpretation.

The accounting, management and regulatory principles are analysed in their operational declinations and combined with rigorous quantitative models, providing students with the tools necessary to solve complex business problems and contribute to the continuous updating of strategies, processes, investments and financing decisions according to the constraints and opportunities emerging in different industries. 

DURATION: 2 years (120 ECTS)
START DATE: October 2024
PROGRAM COORDINATOR: Professor Giacomo Boesso