Teaching Program

Master MIBS focuses on core topics in the area of International Management, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing. The study plan is structured as follows:

  Strategy and Business Plan

The course aims also to give a concrete and practical contribution to the preparation of a Business Plan among those who are looking in the firm to be sponsored for their innovative ideas or who turn to venture capital as a source for financing their business.

(€ 415,00)

  International business

The purpose of the course is to provide a deep analysis of the organisational design of MNEs and of those SMEs which have started a process of internationalisation.

(€ 415,00)

  Organizational Design and Global Supply Chain

The course, using a combination of country case studies, and nested multiple Firm cases, explores the phenomena of rapid SME internationalization, small born global firms in high-tech sectors, R&D relocation and reverse innovation processes.

(€ 310,00)


  International accounting

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the most important concepts and principles of accounting and finance.

(€ 310,00)

  International payments and documentary credits

This course will provide the knowledge and competences needed for understanding utility and functions of documentary credits in import-export finance with particular regard to risk management.

(€ 310,00)

  Innovation Management and Patent Intelligence

The course aims to develop some basic concepts useful to understand innovation in creative organizations and to analyze patent data.

(€ 210,00)

  International Marketing

The module aims to provide the participant the fundamentals of marketing, to subsequently develop the concepts useful for the management of projects of digital marketing.

(€ 310,00)

  Web Communication

The module aims to provide the skills for the design and management of marketing communication activities based on new digital media, with particular attention to the issue of coherence and integration between tools on-and off-line activities such situations BtoB and BtoC.

(€ 210,00)

  Web Design

The module aims to treat the architectural and technological aspects of the construction of websites (web design).

(€ 210,00)

  Digital Media Marketing

The purpose of this course is to provide the concepts and the strategy to enhance marketing activities by using the most important digital tools.

(€ 210,00)

  Digital Media Analytics

This module aims to provide the tools to analyze the performance of Web sites through the use of tools such as google analytics.

(€ 210,00)


The course deals with the issues related to e-commerce. It evaluates the opportunities for firms, the performance, and the critical aspects related to its implementation.

(€ 210,00)

  Single Course Units

The Master MIBS of the University of Padua offers the opportunity to attend individual courses. At the end of the lessons you will get the certification of the activity performed.
It is possible to be enrolled for few individual courses (maximum 20 credits).

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