Course Overview

This course provides both theoretical and technical skills that allow students to develop and implement strategies consistent within the surrounding competitive environment.

Students acquire a solid knowledge of business processes and practices that inspire and drive managerial action, responding to unexpected changes and considering the challenges of evolving markets. 

The interactive teaching style enhances the involvement of all students through working on case studies, business simulations, meeting with executives, and visiting leading firms.

Our degree is designed to provide both general and specialized training that aims to match the students’ interests with skills commonly sought by employers.

The course offers two specialisation paths: Management or Accounting and Finance while several core modules are shared across the two paths. 

Programme structure

Management Curriculum: Advanced Marketing; Operations and Logistics; Organisational Design and Behaviour; International Business Law; Statistics for Management

Accounting and Finance Curriculum: Advanced Management Accounting; Corporate Finance and Banking; International taxation; Finance and Real Options; Accounting for Financial Institutions; Financial Risks and Derivatives.

Common Modules: Strategic Development and Planning; Business plan; Corporate Finance; Advanced Accounting; International Law and Management of M&A Processes

Skills and competences

- Analyzing and comprehending the macroeconomic environment

- Tools and skills to develop, design and execute growth strategies

- Advanced competences in the main functional areas

- Analytical skills on problem-solving

- Relational competences on leadership and teamwork


The Program Director isprof. Andrea Furlan