Master in Accounting & Corporate Finance (ACF)


The Master in Accounting & Corporate Finance prepares professionals capable of using the competencies and tools of economics and finance to develop technical and managerial skills and improve decision-making and corporate processes.

The course focuses on the increasingly central topics of financial statements, corporate finance and performance audits in corporate decision-making processes. The need to develop and update the related competencies and knowledge is the basis of the educational path.

The purpose of the Master’s is to help attendees acquire such specific competencies and develop relevant tools and concepts for this sector, through the constant alternation of theoretical lessons, practice, case studies and lectures.

Aims and Objectives

The course units of the Master in Accounting & corporate finance cover the three following thematic areas:

  • Financial Statements Area: it covers topics related to how to draft and interpret standard and consolidated financial statements, international accounting principles and risk management.
  • Performance Audit Area: it covers topics such as corporate planning analysis, cost analysis, budgeting, transfer pricing and performance analysis multidimensional systems.
  • Corporate Finance Area: it analyses topics such as capital budgeting, corporate evaluation, extraordinary growth finance, and also topics related to big data and business analytics.

Job profile

The Master in Accounting & corporate finance is addressed to people who already work in the administration, finance and control field, and want to acquire advanced knowledge in their areas of specialization to become “business partners” for other corporate areas. The Master is also addressed to new graduates who wish to complement their Bachelor’s Degree by acquiring advanced knowledge, and to anyone without an accounting or finance background who wants to reposition themselves professionally and develop specific competencies, by mastering the tools and concepts typical of these roles.

The Master trains the following professional figures: junior and senior controllers; administrative directors; corporate consultants; performance audit managers; CFO.

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